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Agent Handing Over Keys as Buyer is Handing Over Cash for House with Home and For Sale Real Estate Sign Behind.

Commercial Real Estate Tenant Background Check

Commercial leases always take longer than the residential leases. Generally, you lease a commercial premise for about three to five years. The process of setting up a commercial premise is quite involving in terms of time and money. It is paramount that a shrewd landlord seeks for the background information of him who he wants to give the keys of such an investment. Below are some of the listings of a commercial real estate that you really want to know as a landlord before renting out that office space.

Establish a pre-tenant screening process

All your prospective renters need to fill a tenant application form. Let the form require the tenant to fill in their name and social security number among other details you may need for your background check. Ask for permission from the prospect, to look in to his credit score.

Credit Review

Tips-for-Real-Estate-ContentSo many online services exist, that run credit checks of a person on behalf of a third party such as a landlord. On receiving the credit score, you should carefully review it and seek for explanations in the event of a delinquency. It is from the credit report that you will get a clear understanding of your applicant. If they have suffered bankruptcy, or they are well known to pay their bills late, you will know from the report. You really don’t want to miss out on such information as a landlord.

Get personal info

Before leasing out your commercial real estate property, you need to ask and record the lessee’s personal information. In most cases, applicants always give company’s information rather than their own info. It is your right as an investor to know whether the tenant is capable of paying rent, were the company to close shop. It is also your right to know the criminal background of the applicant if there is any.5

Contact previous landlords

finding-the-right-real-estate-agentIn the application form, you should ask the applicant to give the contacts of some of their few past landlords. An earlier landlord has an experience with the tenant and can give you a clear picture of who your applicant really is. If an applicant is not willing to share the contacts of their past landlords, then this is an indication that’s there is a high level of dissatisfaction on the side of the landlord in regard to the tenant.

Getting Assistance from pro screening firms

There are numerous screening firms that have specialized in pre-tenant screening. Normally, such companies will do a better job than what you could do on your own. If you engage the services of a very reliable firm, you are sure that if they approve a tenant and recommend them to you, you have an asset that will guarantee you the peace of mind than any landlord always seeks for.


Employment screening is about criminal history; true?

Determining the most suitable candidate for a given job poses a challenge. In the modern days, the world population has really bulged. Jobs are becoming golden compared to the number of people who want them. Quality is the leading factor to consider when hiring any personnel. Judging people by their certificates is no longer applicable as it was in the traditional days. The person inside you is what is important. As a matter of fact, people tend to change their character when in the presence of people. During a job interview, every person looks innocent. After the job is awarded to one employee, he/she will then display the inside character with time. That character may be negative or positive to the company. Screening services will avoid the negative effects brought by new trusted employees by initial assessments for suitability.

The tactical bit

Young Woman with Magnifying GlassEvery niche has its way of doing things. A banker for example must know about accounts and finance. An architect on the other hand understands every planning and drawing detail. Due to lack of jobs in the modern days, a person qualified in architecture may be interested in a banking opportunity. It’s the only one that has come his way anyway! A banker being hired to be an architect will bring a conflict. When you very much expect results as an employer they won’t be there. Instead, that architect will only keep on nagging you about how this and that are done. To begin with, job screening services start with academics as the first basic factor to consider.

The moral bit

pre-employmentOne may pass in the tactical bit; but do they pass in ethics automatically? In most job application processes, all the candidates are qualified with regard to their certificates and relevance. There got to be another factor to rank these candidates. Codes of conduct are also essentialities in every line of work. These are to consider in getting the best candidate. It goes down to how their character is displayed while out there. Criminal records and any other behavioral history become relevant to consider. Persons who have been engaged in crime pose a risk to the firm. No employer is looking forward to bring in risks. As a matter of fact, people don’t change much, even when you want them to. If they have killed or assaulted before, chances are they can do it again. Screening services won’t let him repeat that while working with you though.

What is looked into?

Every person has some form of record based on how his/her life has been. If you have hurt people, people know it and you will have to live with that. Going down to bring up such fine details about you is the objective of every screening service. Police records and any criminal convictions will come to play. The focus is to bring in a person who is competent and safe to work with.pol


Ocean Plastic Surgery clinics will make you look beautiful

During the year, people carefully plan their summer vacation. They try to find a perfect location for that, they want to look nice, and many other things.

People do many things just to be pretty and handsome. They practice a lot, eat a healthy food, try plastic surgery benefits and many other things. More and more people avoid practicing and they try to look prettier by using benefits of plastic surgery. Nowadays, plastic surgery procedures are improved and so results are better than before. People can operate their nose, ears, cheeks, breasts, and many other parts of the body. Those body improvements help people look better and have more self-confidence. That is good for their physical and mental health. Also, many people who suffered some bad injury try to restore the damaged part of their body with a plastic surgery procedure.

cosmetic-surgery1Plastic surgery is very popular these days. That means that there are many clinics around the world in which you can restore some part of your body and make it look better. Most of those clinics are very successful and recognized and people have complete confidence in their work. Plastic surgery clinics have good surgeons who have a lot of skills, knowledge, and experience in plastic surgery procedures. When you want to restore some part of your body, then you should find a proper plastic surgery clinic. You will recognize it by its respected name, years of experience, good surgeons, testimonials, and many other things. Ocean Plastic Surgery is one such clinic and it has every necessary thing to do this job properly. Surgeons who work in this clinic have a lot of knowledge and experience and they will try to make every damaged part of your body look like before, and sometimes even better.

Men and women seek for different services on those clinics. Men usually want to restore some damaged part of their body. Women, on the other side, choose things such as facelifting, breast implants, and similar things which can make them look younger and prettier. Those operations are not dangerous. Also, they are not expensive and that is one of the reasons for their popularity these days. You will not have to invest a lot of money, but some plastic surgery procedure can help you look better and feel better than before.

If you live in Florida, then Ocean Plastic Surgery clinic is the best choice for you if you want to restore some part of your body and make it look better. This is the best aesthetic treatment center in Southern Florida and you will not make a mistake if you go there for some plastic surgery procedure.

As you know, there are many reasons why people want to perform a plastic surgery procedure on their body. No matter what is the reason for that, you should do it. That will make you feel and look better and give you more self-confidence. Spending money on a plastic surgery procedure is not a wasted money and you will surely not regret doing it.



When organizing an event, especially a big event, you will find it very hard to settle on the best venue that will best suit the event. It is always a priority to make sure that you have a great venue so that everyone who attends the event has a perfect impression on the event and the organizers. Finding the best venue tends to be an uphill task even for the experienced party organizers. However, in order to have it a little easy, this article will cover some ideas or tips that when considered will help an event organizer in getting the perfect venue for their event.

Focus on the Chosen Theme

function-venuesYou can classify an event based on the guests who will be attending and the invitees. If the event has a target audience that is unrestricted, then this will call for a more relaxed venue that is big enough to cover an unnumbered audience. For such an event, it is best to have it in the open air as compared to an indoor venue. The function venue will have an effect on how many people and the type of people that are going to be able to attend the event. If the event is meant for delegates who are important, it is therefore necessary to host it in a highly sophisticated venue with relaxed environment. An unlimited event can be held even in stadiums but an invite only event needs to be in a more secluded place where it will be very easy to restrict and control entry of people into the venue.

The Location

When looking for a venue for your event, it is important to consider the location. It needs to be in an accessible place with good roads and apt transportation. If it for average people to attend, it is important to keep in mind that there are high chances that not all of them have private means of transport to get to the venue. It will thus be very important to make sure that there is public transport that passes by the venue so that most of the people may be able to attend the organized event. However, if the audience targeted and invited consists of people from the highest social class, then it is definite that they all will have their own private means of transport. It is then clever to host the event in a more secluded venue, possibly out of the city or town bustle and settle on a serene environment provided the venue has great roads so that it easy for the invited audience to drive to the venue and attend the organized event. If the event venue is far and you target a wide unlimited people to attend, it is thus wise to offer some mode of transport from a central point that will take the people to and from the event venue at a specified time.

When you consider the above ideas, you will note that it is not very hard to find a venue for an organized event.